Dealing with Facebook BAN

Dealing with Facebook BAN

So recently there has been an increased rate of Facbook banning advertising account and restricting pages; and that has really made so many eCom guys relent in their pursuit of great income in this business; but then, NOT GIVING UP is the goal cos ‘Who give up na him F* up’; so, let’s see how we have been able to mitigate this recent increased ban effect from Facebook.

After communicating with several persons on how they are handling this recent set-backs, here are the suggested solutions you should implement to get your ads running and pulling in serious income for yourself as usual. Remember, December is around the corner and money must be made.

So, first and foremost; we’ve discovered high rate of Page Restriction; what you want to do here is this; get an old facebook business page to use for your ads.

Recent study sees that any new facebook page created will definitely be restricted from advertising, reason best known to Mark Zuckerberg and his team. So, kindly look for old facebook page; I learnt there are guys that even sell old pages, you can drop a reply to get a few contacts or if you know who does, kindly drop their contact so others can get from them.

Still on facebook page, ensure the name and category of the page is not in-line with product(s) or services facebook rejects advert from; especially health, sex, etc. so, ensure the name and category of the page doesn’t flow along those niches (even if you’re going to be selling health product).

So, when you’ve gotten a page, all you’ve got to do is make the facebook account you’ll be using to run ads an admin to the page.

Please not, you can also appeal for Page Restriction and most times, they tend to lift the ban and get your page running again.

Second is ad account ban. The rate has also increased drastically. You can mitigate this by publishing a campaign at a time.

What I mean by this is, if you’re going to be running ad, don’t publish a campaign and then go create a new one to publish again; you should rather just publish one first, or if you must publish more than one campaign, Create the first one, then SAVE AS DRAFT (don’t publish); then create the second one (if you’ll be creating more, save them as draft). When you’re done, you’ll see REVIEW & PUBLISH at the top left, click on that to review and publish all campaigns at once. Hope this is well understood.

Also, it’s obvious for every new ad account, facebook wants us to submit an ID. So, when your ad account is restricted, don’t fret. Click on “See Details” on the red background, that will take you to where you should upload an ID.

Ensure the ID carries the name of the Facebook account you’re using and the pix on the ID should correlate that on the facebook account as well.

After submitting your ID, give it time and hopefully your account should be reinstated soonest; and if not, kindly get a new ad account because in this business, no giving up is the goal.

Don’t feel down when you come across challenges, always learn to pick yourself up and GO AGAIN!

I’m also aware there are guys that can help you with ad account if you need; infact, an already ID’d account can be provided for you so you don’t need submitting ID anymore or getting ban.

For now, these are the current issues associated with facebook ban; we will definitely update this when we get to have more or get better solution to these challenges but for now, tackle it this way and remember; NOT GIVING UP IS THE GOAL.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Francis

    Hello eComX, please how someone get an already ID’d account?
    Do you have anybody we can contact to get such account? Because I’d really need such account if available.

    1. eComX Blogger

      Hi Francis, kindly send a whatsapp message to 0808 660 7905

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