HEADLINE… Makes or Mar your Mini eCom Business

HEADLINE… Makes or Mar your Mini eCom Business

Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”.

Hi friend, today we will be talking about headline and how it determines the success of your Mini eCom business.

Headlines are very important, as a matter of fact, they are the most important thing in anything you are writing, be it a formal letter, a sales copy, blog post, an ad copy, or even a toasting letter, trust me.

I am saying this because apart from it being what it is, I have experienced it countless number of times and I will share some instances with you.

Your headline is the title you give to every of your written content; in the Mini eCom business which is what we are into, it is the title you give to your sales copy and your Facebook ad creative; pay attention.

Your headline is the first thing your reader, sorry, your potential customer sees, not only because it is the first line at the top, but also because it is often BIGGER and or BOLD.

Your headline should be capable of capturing your potential customer’s attention! Please read that again.

I have seen countless number of Facebook ad creatives with NO HEADLINE, that is very very bad.

The job of your headline is to get someone to stop, and continue reading every other content. The internet or social media space is engulfed with tons of contents and distractions; a content without a captivating headline will miss out on lots of potential readers/customers; that is why in every of my posts on Facebook, email, ad, I must have a headline – a captivating one at that.

A headline can be as short as; “GUESS WHAT..”, or a one paragraph long such as; “How I Gained Back My Confidence To Start Mingling With Friends After Giving This Serum A Shot”.

So, you’ll notice that the short headline was all in CAPs while the longer one has only the initial letters in CAPs. This is advisable so that you don’t get a longer headline all shouty in the face of your potential customers (especially if it will be an Ad Copy).

In a nut-shell, your headline should be inquisitive and be able to drive the potential customer’s interest.

Good a thing in eComX, the Headline of each product’s Sales copy and that of the Facebook Ads have been provided, but then, you can still get to tweak yours if you want; who says you can come up with more options.

From experience, after running an ad with a specific headline for say a couple of days or months and you find out that the advert stops or reduced in conversion (in getting you sales), one best thing you can do to that advert is to create a new one and CHANGE THE HEADLINE.

I tried this on a couple of my ads, and it worked magic.

I remember selling a car product, I used a particular headline on the Facebook ad creative for 3 months, after which we started getting a dwindling in sales; guess what I did, I maintained same video, same ad body but with a New HEADLINE at the top of the body and at the link button; we started getting back on more sales.

That’s it.

A headline is as powerful as you can think of.

So, how do you write an effective headline?

Here’s how:

  • 1. Keep it succinct. Your headline should be between 6 to 12 words. It would be best if you kept it on the shorter side of 6 or fewer words.
  • 2. Write for your target audience. Study your target audience to write a headline that hooks them immediately.
  • 3. Take your time. You don’t have to write the headline first, and you don’t have to write just one headline. You can write the headline at the end and create a few ones to choose from.
  • 4. Be specific. Your headline should be clear about how the reader will benefit. For this reason, it needs to be fluff-free and simple, along with unique.
  • 5. Test repeatedly. Testing what’s working and what’s not helps write better headlines. For your ad, you can duplicate the ad on the ads level and use different headlines to test which works best; kill the ones that are not working and scale up the ones that are working, that’s it.

Below are a few HEADLINES you can use on your ad copy to grab attention fast!

  • BUT WAIT,…
  • YOU SEE…
  • DID YOU ALSO MISS OUT ON THIS..? (good for re-targeting)

There are loads more, but make good use of the above.

The success of your Ad, your sales copy, rest on the shoulders of your Headline.

And just like the first statement you read on this write-up, if you are given 6 hours to write a copy, use 4 hours to craft a mind grabbing and attention seeking HEADLINE and you’re just good to making crazy sales.

Hope you got value.

Kindly share so others can benefit from this.

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