eComX N500,000 Challenge in September

eComX N500,000 Challenge in September

In a bid to achieve one of our SD Goals, eComX is launching the N500,000 challenge in September!!!!!!!!!!

This is a challenge that puts all subscribers on their feet to make a minimum of N500,000 in the month of September via the Mini eCom business.

Yes, this is more than feasible as we have people who have done far more than that in the past.

So here’s what to do as a subscriber..

Choose a product that will give you a minimum of N7,000 – N10,000 margin (there are loads of hot selling products on the eComX Platform)

Activate the Sales page and Facebook Ads of the product.

The goal is to rake in 70 -150 orders in the month of September.

That’s between 3 – 5 orders daily (very much feasible and it can be more)

The eComX team will be on ground to help you with this; just drop any needed assistant on your Order Group.

Guess What!!!!!

The first subscriber to crack this Goal wins N100,000 cash prize

Winning Money to Make Money, only via eComX!

Get on board now.

If you have not Subscribed, do so right here right away to get access to hot selling products and Sale copy plus Facebook ad creatives.

To your success!

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