How To Earn Passive Income On eComX

How To Earn Passive Income On eComX

eComX is a Unique Platform that Offers you the opportunity to start up your own eCommerce Business with almost ZERO capital.

There are basically two ways to earn Passive Income On eComX. Today, I’ll be showing you exactly how to do that. And how you can set up systems that pay you daily while you sleep.

 1. Sell Unique Hot Products: One unique thing about eComX is this, the platform has helped you with products you can start selling now with no cost upfront.

 This means you don’t have to buy any product upfront before you sell products listed on eComX. 

You don’t need to pay for Expensive Shipping Fee from China again.

eComX has helped shipped these products at no cost upfront to you. All you have to do is come onboard, pick up a product, set up Facebook ad together with sales copies available on request, then sell. 

It’s that simple. 

Making Money Online is not as difficult as most people think. For you to make money online, you need to have a product that solves a problem for a specific targeted audience. 

 eComX has helped solve the issue of waiting for a long time before you have products you order from China to be delivered to you. 

eComX is ‘eCommerce made simple.’ Get on board, subscribe to a plan, pick up a product and start selling. That’s the number one way to earn passive income on eComX.

The best part, you can sell hundreds if not thousands of products in a month with a well-structured sales funnel. 

On eComX, registered merchants can easily make money on autopilot after setting up their Facebook ad. 

 2. Tell Someone about eComX: Do you know you can earn 20% Commission when you tell someone about eComX?

Oh, you never knew? Well, now you know. 

Aside from selling Unique Hot Products on eComX, you can earn passive income on eComX by referring them to eComX.

Yes, when you tell someone about eComX, you earn 20% of their registration fee. 

The best part, as long as they keep renewing their subscription monthly, you keep earning monthly. 

Imagine you tell 50 people about eComX and they all subscribe to the 10,000 Naira plan. You’ll automatically get 2,000 Naira on each subscription. That’s a whopping 100,000 Naira for you just by telling someone how they can earn more selling products on eComX. 

Now, as long as these 50 people keep renewing their subscription monthly, you’ll keep earning monthly… What’s as sweet as earning money passively on the side even as you Sell unique hot products on the platform.

Please Note, eComX is not an affiliate marketing platform.

There you have it, two smart ways to earn passive income for life on eComX. Go ahead and put it to use.

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