Facebook eCom Advert, the Good & the Bad Days

Facebook eCom Advert, the Good & the Bad Days

I’ve been running Facebook ads for over 6 years now and I can confidently tell you that, there are the GOOD and the UGLY days, forget whatever anyone told you.

If you run conversion ads where you are expecting orders to drop in your email, there are days where the orders are High, like you get say 10 – 20 orders (ofcos depending on your budget) and there are other days where it seems like nothing is happening. Those days you get to see like 3 – 5 orders with same budget ooo.

Now, I studied the trend on one of the campaigns I ran recently and I discovered with that campaign that some days or let me just say it; Tuesdays are especially bad for that campaign.

On a Tuesday we receive less orders compared to other days and I’m wondering if this happens to you too?

Is there a day you notice less orders in your advert campaign? Has this been re-occurring? What day is it?

Please I will like you to drop your own experience so others can benefit as well.

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