What Plan Should I Subscribe to on eComX?

What Plan Should I Subscribe to on eComX?

Ok, so it is very obvious as at the time of writing this, that eComX currently has 3 plans; The Starter Plan, The Advance Plan and The Pro Plan.

Now, let’s talk about these plans exclusively.

Before divulging into the various plans, I believe you already know what the eComX platform is all about; and just in-case you don’t, the eComX platform gives you the opportunity to START MAKING MONEY in the Mini eCom or what many people know as Mini Importation Business, almost immediately and this time, with almost ZERO budget; giving you access to hot unique products to sell with over 500% ROI.

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So, let’s continue on our PLANS…

What plan should you subscribe to?

The First Plan which is the Starter Plan, gives you access to Hot Unique Products and support and it currently has a monthly subscription of N2,999.

So, if you’re going to be subscribing to this plan, that means you have the technical and marketing know-how on how to sell any of the products on the platform. It means, you can come up with a sales copy and also sales page to sell the products on the platform.

It also means you can come up with your Ad creatives (Facebook ads especially) and you know how to run your ads effectively.

If all the above is well known by you, you can go ahead to just subscribe for the Starter Plan and start selling the unique products on the platform.

The Second Plan is the Advance Plan. This plan gives you access to hot unique products, sales copy and sales page of these products and also you have access to video tutorial that shows you how to set-up your sales page in no time.

Subscribing to this plan means you are good with coming up with Ads creatives and you know how to run Facebook ads effectively.

If that is it for you, you can go ahead to subscribe to the Advance Plan and start selling immediately.

The Advance Plan has a monthly subscription fee of N4,999.

The Third Plan which is the Pro Plan, gives you access to everything. By everything I mean, you have access to hot unique selling products, you have access to sales copy and sales page of each of the products and also video tutorials that will guide you on setting up your sales page, you have access to Facebook Ads creatives and also video tutorial that put you through on how to run your advert effectively, you have access to premium support on your journey to setting up all of these and making your first sales.

You also have access to up-sell products and how to up-sell and make more money.

The Pro Plan is for you if you are new to the Mini eCom business and you just can’t wait to tap from this income opportunity.

The Pro Plan has a subscription of N9,999 monthly.

You can get on any of these plans and start making good income for yourself either as side hustle or a full-time business.

Whichever plan you are going for, kindly be sure to understand each of the plans to know which you should subscribe to.

Subscribers are already making massive income via eComX and one of them just quit their full-time job.

You can also be part of this starting from today!

Wish you all the best; if you’ve got any question, kindly use the comment box below and we will be sure to respond soonest.

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