5 Ways to Market Products On eComX and Make Good Sales

5 Ways to Market Products On eComX and Make Good Sales

Making Money has never been this easy. Today, I want to show you five smart ways you can market products listed on eComX.

These are ways I’ve personally leveraged to rank in 7 figures Monthly selling Products On eComX.

  1. WhatsApp Marketing: WhatsApp is the biggest messaging app in Africa. As a Marchant on eComX, you can easily market products leveraging this WhatsApp.

Basically, there are three ways to sell Products via WhatsApp. I’ll be dissecting them below.

(a) WhatsApp Status: Over the years, WhatsApp Status has proven to be the best and most effective way to sell anything online, especially in Nigeria.

If you already have an audience on WhatsApp, you can market products on eComX through your WhatsApp Status updates.

It is important to note that to get results with this; you have to do it strategically using Consistent Content Marketing. Promoting the Specific Product and Creating hunger for the need.

Enhance Your Sales, Boost your income by effectively using your WhatsApp Status.

(b) WhatsApp Group:

To get people who will be interested in buying the products, you can come up with a short copy like.

“If you’d like me to take you through one week training on how to lose weight, click on this link to join my WhatsApp Group.”

That’s just it. For whatever products you want to sell using WhatsApp Group, get your targeted audience from Facebook, Twitter and other social media platform.

Tell them about a special training you’ll be holding about that product to create awareness and educate them about the product after which you’ll upsell.

With this, people entering that group are TARGETED audience.

(c) Broadcast list: You can create a WhatsApp broadcast list to market eComX products.

This is also a smart way to sell as you’ll have individuals message you directly after reading the copy. They tend to respond quickly and probably make enquiry about the product, as they already trust you.

  1. SMS Marketing: If you have a database of people’s phone number. For instance, I was able to sell in a single day over 20 Products through SMS Marketing.

I have a database of people who have ordered a product from me in the past from a particular niche. I just send a bulk message and People started ordering.

You can search for sms platforms to use for your bulk messaging online.

  1. Facebook Groups Marketing: Facebook Groups are a great way to make sales selling anything online yet one of the most untapped platforms for marketing.

You can easily Market Products selling niche Products through targeted Facebook Groups.

Say for instance, you pick a car accessories product on eComX, You can go on to Facebook and Search for that niche. There are so many groups that have been created for that niche. Join them, share content that educate and inspire people around the product you intend to sell.

It could even be a weight loss product. Join a group on Facebook about Weight loss. Just type the group’s name in the search bar.

Now, there are some group that allow you post freely. While some, you need the approval of an admin before you make a post.

Now, here’s a strategy you should apply; this strategy can help triple your sales by 90% if done well.

You can partner with the admin of the group. Tell him or her you have a product to sell and you’ll love to partner with him. You can strike a deal telling him he will have 20% or even 50% of the returns from each product. Well, It all depends on you.

In some cases you’ll discover that the admin will even be the one pushing it for you.

  1. Email Marketing: Email Marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy in the 21st century.

You Can Market Products On eComX leveraging your email list. With email marketing, you can easily send promotional based messages to your list in mass quantity and get people to buy almost immediately.

  1. Facebook Ads: This remains the best way to sell on eComX as nothing beats paid advertisement. Running Sponsored Product Ads is the best way to get targeted traffic to see your products.

When running Facebook ads, target your ideal customer’s interest, age and set your budget.

There’s a full video tutorial on your eComX dashboard that explains in details how to run Facebook ads like a pro.

This is one benefit you get when you sign up and Subscribe to a plan on eComX today.

You get access to video tutorials that shows you how to create sales pages and How To Run Ads for Free.

There you have it, 5 Ways to Market Products On eComX and Make Good Sales. Go ahead and put it to use.

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