MindSet and Mini eCom Business

MindSet and Mini eCom Business

Ok, so I was just imagining when I started this eCom business some 5 years ago, comparing it with today and guess what?

Some 5 years ago, when we were directing our ads to whatsapp; then there was nothing like salespage or let me say, it wasn’t the inn thing then; we weren’t using it, what we do was to create a whatsapp link where customers will place their order via the link.

Fast forward to today, salespage is now the inn thing, and it is far better than just directing your customer to a whatsapp contact.

So back to the discussion.. some 5 years ago, I was struggling to sell 100 pcs of any product monthly. If by the end of a month we sold 100 pcs, it was a great success and good profit too, BUT today, we sell 100 pcs in a week or sometimes less.

As a matter of fact, we have sold 100 pcs in a day before.

So what changed?

No, it wasn’t any technical anything.

What changed is the MINDSET!

See, what your mind cannot conceive, it will NEVER achieve,

Back then, spending N50,000 daily on advert was like a NO NO for me, cos it looks so so much, but guess what, today, spending N100,000 daily is EazyPeazy..

And the reason this has become so is because, the more you spend on your ads (an ad that is converting well), the more sales you get.

Back then we do process say 3 – 5 orders daily, but today we do 10 – 50 daily and that is MINDSET!

You have to upgrade your mind that, YES! you can do 500 sales in a month or 1 million naira monthly in profit.

If you can achieve it in your mind, you will definitely achieve it in reality.

And don’t even think that selling 500-1000 pcs is much; I use to have such mentality too back then..

If you do, please eliminate it RIGHT NOW.

Such mentality is called SCARCITY MINDSET!

People are selling 5000 pcs of a product monthly and they don’t have two heads, so why can’t you?

One reason you should know that selling 1000 pcs is not much is this; now look at this; what is the population of Nigeria?

Over 200 million right?


Now, do you think there are not more than 1 million persons or let’s even say 500,000 persons from that 200 million that need what you’re selling?

Ofcos there are.. way more!!

The problem is, your product is not getting to their face.

By the time you budget good money on advert and you reach a good number of these persons, trust me, making 1000 sales monthly will be a thing of joke.

So, get on that MINDSET of achieving more today.

Eliminate every form of Scarcity Mindset and get on your eCom business to sell more.

You deserve the eCom lifestyle!

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