How to make N502,000 in the next 30 days (1 month) via eComX

How to make N502,000 in the next 30 days (1 month) via eComX

Before I proceed, today I spent N2,000 worth of sms units to make N70,000 pure profit selling one hot product on eComX. 

Since this is not about me but for you, so let’s proceed. 

See, don’t let anybody deceive you! There’s NO money online. Each time you hear Making Money Online, it is money from someone’s pocket like you, that is going into another person’s hand that knows how to use the online tools. 

And you can’t take money from anyone’s pocket if you’re not SELLING! 

I know your next thought is; you don’t have what to sell or you don’t know how to sell ONLINE..

Don’t worry..

You see, eComX is a platform that helps you start this “selling business”, known as Mini eCom Business, without you having to spend or invest huge money and resources getting what to sell. 

And the truth is; you can’t just go about selling anything.. I repeat, ANYTHING!!!!

If you will “make money Online”, you need to sell what is not common, we call them ‘Unique Hot Selling Products’. 

Now these are the products that are available on the eComX platform for you to sell. 

Now back to How you can easily earn 500k in the next 30 days…

On the eComX platform, there are range of different products, their prices (the price eComX is giving it to you the seller) and the Sellable Price Range (this is the range of price you can sell such product)

What you need to do is this…

Pick a product that will give you minimum of N7,000 margin after all expenses. 

So that means, if the product is listed for N1,500 and the Sellable Price Range is between N9,500 – N12,500, you can pick such product. 

Now the next thing is SELLING right?

Now let’s bring out our calculator. 

To earn 500k with a N7,000 margin, you need to sell about 72 pcs right? 


That means, you need to sell at least 3 pcs of that product daily!

Don’t forget I said they are Unique Hot Selling Products, so selling 3 daily is child’s play. 

Now, if you follow the step by step advert placement and salespage setup with the product on eComX platform, and you set up your ads, you can sell more than 10 daily. 

Remember you only need 72 sales to make 500,000 pure profit in the next 30 days. 

So here you go..

You can deploy any form of marketing to sell these products; and the beauty of it is, the delivery will be handled for you by eComX delivery partners. All you get is your profit remitted to your account. 

It’s that simple!

Who’s ready for the N500,000 challenge in the next 30 days????????

To get started, register and subscribe on the eComX platform to get access to products and marketing tools today

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  1. I’ve subscribed to a premium package already, I want to put new logistics in place to start marketing one of the 3 products I chose.

    I hope to be back with my testimony soon.

    1. eComX Blogger

      Great to hear that Kelvin. Wishing you all the best in your sales and conversion.

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