What is eComX and How Can I Be Part of It?

What is eComX and How Can I Be Part of It?

Have you heard of eCommerce or Mini Importation?

Ok, so what did you hear about them?

Alright, so I know you might have heard of both terms but then, let me still talk about it.

eCommerce or Mini Importation is a business of buying and selling of goods using online platform. eCommerce is big term and are referred to big platforms like Amazon, Jumia, Konga; while Mini Importation can be term to be a branch under eCommerce which involves the importation of goods; most of these goods are mini goods with less weight.

While eCommerce deals with selling of various kind of goods on a website, mini importation focuses on selling one item at a go, so I’ll like to refer to mini importation as Mini eCommerce.

If you don’t have huge chunk of capital like that of Jumia and Konga, then you should be running Mini eCom business.

Now, running the mini ecom business also comes with a good amount of capital and know-how; first, you need to have capital to invest in buying some good numbers of products (maybe from 50 – 1000 pcs), you need to also know what product to buy, you need to know how to ship down your products from where you’re buying from (say China) down to your country (say Nigeria), you absolutely also need to know how to market and sell those goods at a given time to make your profit and recover your investment.

The whole process looks tedious, especially for beginners, but then, there are lots of money to be made from it.

Imagine buying a product for N1,000 from the manufacturer in China and selling at N9,000. After all expenses, you should be making say N5,000 profit.

Now selling 100 pcs of that product in a week or even a month should give you an idea of the kind of money you can make from the Mini eCom business.

Now, after seeing the stress and technical know-how that is required of a newbie that intend to venture into Mini eCom business, we came up with eComX to make it easy for even a novice to also take part in the Mini eCom business.

Now, you don’t need to invest huge funds upfront in buying products and paying high shipping cost, neither do you need to rack your brain on what product to buy; you also don’t need to worry about drafting the marketing copy that will sell the product, neither do you need to worry about how to deliver the product to the customer when they make an order.

The eComX platform has made various unique hot selling products available for you to choose from, and also the marketing tools (sales page and Facebook ads) needed to sell each product has been made available too.

All you need to do is access the product list, pick one of the products and sell.

The deliveries will be handled by our delivery partners after which your profit will be remitted to you.

Take for instance;

You pick a product with a Sellable Price Range of N10,500 – N12,500 and the product is listed for N1,500 on eComX platform; if you decide to sell the product for N10,500, your mark-up is N9,000. Now, the delivery company might charge you N1,500 or N2,000 depending on the location of your customer. When you deduct that, you will be having N7,000 pure profit to yourself. Now, selling 50 of that product gives you N350,000 easily.

And guess what, you can sell 50 or 100 in less than a month via Facebook ads, which the step by step guide on how to run the ad is also available for you.

Register, Subscribe, pick a product and SELL! – that is what eComX is all about.

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